Nevin Altmann at the German Christmas Bazar in Cairo

Today, we went to the German School Christmas bazar in Dokki, Cairo. 

We had a lot of fun and want to share some of our moments with you:


This was our stand.


Shimaa, our shop manager was looking pretty while being in control of everything.


Eman was very shy :)


Our mannequin Folla (she has a name), was there as usual. We NEVER leave her behind!


Hannah was busy, too. (Yes, Folla changes outfits several times during our events)



During the day we saw a lot of our friends and family and we also got to meet lovely people.


Nevin was sitting with our friend Amira...


... and then she hung out with me :)


Nihad (Nevin's brother) was promoting our weekend bag.


This is an inspiring young woman :) She read our blog and came looking for us at the event today.

Madonna, I am flattered by what you said about Nevin Altmann and am very happy that I got to know you.

(P.S.: You have wonderful friends and I hope you like the gift they bought you) :-)


And this is how we wrap our gifts this season! :)


If you missed being part of this event, don't worry. We have another one coming up on the 13th of December at the Fishgarden in Zamalek, Cairo.


Thank you for being part of this!

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