Care Instructions

Care Instructions
Our commitment to slow fashion and sustainability
We want your Nevin Altmann bags to last with you for years. We are, therefore, happy to offer replacements of zippers and handles for a minimal fee.
 Just bring your bag to the store you bought it from and we will do it.



We use genuine Egyptian leather in most of our bags and wallets.

Our genuine leather gets minimal treatment. 

This is because we prefer to use fewer chemicals, which is better for the environment. 

It also means that the material is soft and supple and goes through the beautiful aging process of leather. It starts to wrinkle and its color fades over time, which is part of the Nevin Altmann aesthetic.

 Sometimes, when specified, we use vegan leather. These come in a variety of different colors

Genuine Leather

For genuine Egyptian leather products:

  • Keep your bag away from sharp materials that could cut or scratch it (holes and cuts cannot be fixed)
  • Keep away from liquids and anything that may stain the leather (even water)
  • If you get a stain, wipe it off immediately
  • Store away from the sun in a cool, dry place

Vegan Leather 

For vegan leather products:

  • Treat it like genuine leather 

    When cleaning it with a damp cloth, you may use a small amount of soap


The majority of our shawls and scarves are made of 100% Egyptian cotton.

  • We have some shawls made out of wool and Indian cashmere
  • For our Egyptian cotton shawls and scarves: hand wash in cold water
  • For wool and cashmere shawls and scarves: Dry clean