Reviving Tradition: Nevin Altmann's story


I am Hannah, Nevin's niece.

I'm currently studying Journalism at the American University in Cairo and decided to base one of my projects on the brand "Nevin Altmann" and how it started. In particular, for an audio production class.

And I recently started working with my cousin Tamara, the shop owner of "Nevin Altmann". It's fun to be part of this team :)

In this documentary I interviewed my aunt Nevin, her daughter Tamara and my father Nihad, who is Nevin's brother. 

This is how it started: A few months ago I stumbled upon the story of how Nevin started creating dolls. Her daughter Tamara was explaining it to me, and a couple of clients at the shop in Zamalek. So it triggered my attention.

This documentary sheds light on a new and personal aspect of how it all started and how Nevin's passion for tradition evolved.


You can listen to it here!

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